Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply if I am running my business as a sole trader ?

Yes. You can apply if you are a sole-trader.

Do I need to have a New Zealand Business number to apply?

No. You can apply without a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN). You can get a NZBN for free if you want to (as a sole trader) via but it’s not needed for you to apply.

Does my business have to be G.S.T registered to apply?


Do I need to have prove my disability or health condition?


Can I apply if I I have a health condition?

Yes. Any physical or mental health condition is accepted. We have a range of people on the grow digital boost program.

What's the catch with the grow digital package?
There is no catch. Apply, and get some free digital advice, tools and training for your business. There are a limited number of digital packages, so apply for one now before they are all gone.